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​The American Reading Corps, LLC, is not Lindamood-Bell® Learning Processes, nor is it affiliated with, certified, endorsed, licensed, monitored or sponsored by Lindamood-Bell®, Patricia Lindamood, Nanci Bell or Phyllis Lindamood.

American Reading Corp​s

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Reading Intervention ("Tutoring") Services

  • Individualized tutoring with licensed teachers and CCU students; All students receiving intervention have at least THREE licensed teachers assigned to them.  This includes myself, as I work with every student.
  • Comprehensive evaluation using nationally-normed diagnostic assessments (e.g., GORT-5, WRMT-3, WRAT-4, PPVT-3, TORC-4, CTOPP-2, TOMA-3 and TOWL-4)
  • Intensive, daily program
  • Research-based program based on the Seeing Stars®/LiPs® Curriculum​
  • Free parent training

Pro Bono Publico

  • Each summer, we provide a full student scholarship to 1-2 students who are from low socio-economic families. Preference is given to students in Denver Public Schools.
  • 2014 Scholarships Awarded: 2 students (Denver Public Schools)
  • 2015 Scholarships Awarded: 2 students (one from Denver Public Schools and one from Douglas County Schools)
  • 2016 Scholarship: 1 student from Denver Public Schools
  • 2017: I hired a seasoned staff member from the Boys and Girls' Club.  I paid her and so did the Boys and Girls' Club.  She received the full week of training and worked for me for two weeks after that.  She is now sharing her training with other staff members at the Denver Boys and Girls Club.
  • 2018 Scholarships:1 40% scholarship to 1 student from Douglas County Schools (reserved); 1 50% scholarship to 1 student from St. Mary's of Littleton
  • ​Each year, I provide free trainings to K-12 educators who are committed to using evidence-based programs, in an intensive, daily program, designed to accelerate the reading performance of children, teens or adults. Prior clients: United Way, Grant Ranch K-8 School and Hellerstein & Brenner. I am currently providing free professional development to the Denver Boys and Girls Club (2017-18).
  • Still not sure? I am happy to perform a free 60-75 minute session, with your child and you observing, so you can experience the program in action.
  • Just need direction?  I can meet with you for a 90 minute session to teach you about the cognitive processes involved in reading. I can then help you brainstorm ideas for taking next steps to help your child/teen/loved one.  I am not a sales person.  I will not try to pressure you into our program.  ;-)

Professional Development for School-Based Special Education Teachers and Reading Interventionists

  • Each academic year, I can engage in one professional development series to train a school team of 3-8 teachers in the domain of reading intervention for students who struggle with foundational reading skills: phonemic awareness + phonics/decoding + sight words + reading fluency. The training is designed for small group intervention and one-on-one remediation for students with symptoms of learning disabilities.
  • The series includes 20 hours of upfront professional development across 4 days, plus 2 days with me onsite at the school modeling and mentoring = $1500.
  • The techniques involved are based on what cognitive scientists and reading researchers are urging educators and university professors to adopt to help address the pervasive low performance of reading skills across the country and across socio-economic boundaries.

Reading Intervention Published Resources

  • Our first book is now available on Teachers Pay Teachers and Teacher's Notebook for $3.  Search terms: Common Core Teaching for Foundational Reading Skills.
  • ARC is now publishing word lists and phonics workbooks on Teachers Pay Teachers.  Search our company name on TPT to see what is currently available. For example: $3.00 CCVC/CVCC Workbook: